SunRise Academy is the pioneer in classroom teaching in Nigeria for GMAT Preparation and Coaching, GRE® Preperation and Coaching, SAT Preparation and Coaching, TOEFL Preparation and Coaching and IELTS Preparation and Coaching.


Our outstanding faculty and research on the latest trends in the exams ensures high scores for our students. Scoring a 700 plus on the GMAT, a 1500 plus on the GRE® and a 2000 plus on the SAT is not an exception at SunRise Academy but rather is a norm.



It is the purpose of the SunRise Academy to help Nigerian students to succeed in their chosen college curriculum and to help them improve their academic skills in all examinations.


Our Strenght...

  * God Almighty
  * Seasoned Counselors
  * Noiseless standby generators to counter power failure
  * Conducive environment for learning
  * Computer facilities are provided with internet access
  * Standard laboratory for practical

Training Programs..

SunRise Academy offers two types of training programs for:
•GMAT Preparation and Coaching
GRE® Preparation and Coaching
SAT Preparation and Coaching

The classroom training and the computer aided training. For IELTS Preparation and Coaching and TOEFL Preparation and Coaching we offer an intensive one or two months classroom training module.

The Staffs..

The staff of the Tutorial Center are dedicated to helping students acquire the skills to become independent learners and to promote the education that is received by students in the center. All these makes us to be the best university preparatory school in Nigeria.

Our students are rated best in TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE, Cambridge A level GCE and UNILAG Diploma, that is why most of our students get overseas scholarships via our study abroad department.


The Courses..

SunRise Academy offers a preparation course for Nigeria and Foreign examination such as  SAT, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, IELTS, GCE "A" Level, and UNILAG Diploma Entrance Exam in a unique tutorial setting which includes test-taking strategies, improving reading skills, building vocabulary, reviewing mathematics and practice tests.

Our Strategies..

  * Intensive Coaching
  * Experienced Lecturers
  * Modern Teaching Aids.
  * Conducive Lecture rooms.




There is a special Preparatory class  for Morning, afternoon and Evening session. At  our Tutorial Center, each student would be helped to improve on his/her academic skill to pass the exam at a very good grade.